Academic support

Academic support (classes 1 to XII)

Highly effective delightfully convenient academic tutoring for today’s student, Boost your long term success with our world class digital online tutoring. Two decades of hands on experience in teaching & tutoring successfully supported over 45,000 plus students different levels in academics and test preparations.

Students/parents can choose any following tutoring strategy according to their requirement.
Please go through our website for complete information about following tutoring strategies.

Tutoring strategy

Course of action

1.Academic support Full academic support to school /college related curriculum. Detailed explanation of all topics. Doubt clarifications. Test preparations e.t.c
2.Intensive tutoring Guaranteed result oriented. Streamlining Previous classes basics and concepts to put on right present track. Fulfledged academic support .Detailed explaination of all topics. Doubt clarifications.Test preparations like IIT JEE , NEET and other IIT /Medical foundations & Olympiads.
3.Online batches Limited students online batches before and after school /college hours like regular class rooms. On the spot doubt clarifications.assignments,tests Grand tests e.t.c
4.Just allotment of a tutor We just allot a tutor based on your requirement.

Dedicated and dynamic mentorship & support for over stretched students

Keeping every one in the loop
Your tutor and dedicated subject expertised academic coordinator will be in regular contact and we will give detailed academic feedback to students and parents.
We don’t put every student on a same track.
Every student has unique learning style. We use different learning strategies for different students. We will not apply same learning strategy for every student.

Academic support
Academic support

Creating a personalized approach

We start with conversation we want to know where student struggles, where they shine and what they want to achieve . Using the results of our adaptive assessments and the insights you share , we can develop a dynamic learning plan personalized for their needs .
Taking every thing that we know about the student our matching process searches 60,000 + expert teachers to pin point the perfect tutor.

Our approach to little learners

“Little learners are pretty awesome. With classes designed to spark a passion to learn, We want to help them stay awesome”

Experienced and expert tutoring

  • Activity based learning
  • Experimental learning
  • Conceptual learning
  • Science experiments to learning magical multiplication
  • Adoptive teaching methodology for every unique learner

Adaptive Assessments :

Gearing up for a new concept or test knowing how prepared your child is and how they can improve is crucial , every child is unique. Our adaptive assessments can help with that and quite a bit more.

Classes(VI to X)

Middle school days can be a time of fascinating change and typical for both parent and child with highly engaging classes , We hope to ease some of that stress with our highly innovative teaching methods to develop logical and analytical skills.

“Middle school-Learner centric-tutoring with a personal touch”.

Classes(XI and XII)

Our approach to classes XI and XII / Intermediate
Class XI and XII is all about growing up physically , mentally and socially with classes designed to fuel that growth we want to help you prepare for what ever comes next. Our tutoring for senior secondary is designed not only for board exams but also to crack competitive exams both can go hand in hand .


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