Intensive Tutoring Services

Intensive Tutoring

Achieve your academic , Competitive goal with our guaranteed successful intensive tutoring.

Join hands with leader in world class tutoring over two decades.

Celebrating 20 years of Educational Endeavour.

Highlights of intensive tutoring – how it works ?

Beta education academic expert Interacts with students personally and assess the student by using our adaptive assessment methods in all angles such as

  • IQ-Level
  • Subject Knowledge
  • Communication skills.
  • Analytical skills
  • Problem solving skills
  • Academic grade
  • Writing skills

Based on all these parameters we assess the student in all aspects.

Interaction with parents / guardian to know better about the student in all aspects. Based on student , parent requirements and student assessment report Beta education will prepare an academic programme to improve student’s performance.

Our Expert panel will allocate a dedicated academic coordinator and suitable expert tutors . These academic coordinators and tutors are well trained employees of Beta education.

Our academic coordinator will be in regular contact with students, parents and tutors to know the tuition progress , and guides the tutor for better output. All these academic coordinators allotted to different students are monitored by Beta education academic expert panel.

This type of in-depth responsible guaranteed successful intensive tutoring continues full academic year to ensure guaranteed optimum end required result.


Intensive Tutoring Services

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